Friday, July 18, 2008


So your parents get murdered right? In their sleep. And your all, my parents just got shot! Who's gonna make me cereal? Damn! I need to get dressed and deal with the cops and all the reporters. I'm so upset, I can't think of what to wear! I'll just wear this...

I mean, really, that's all you could find?I think someone would now like to have a word with you. Oh yeah, you weren't even a suspect.

And the other certifiable crazy, Mr. Peter "The Fake Fireman Who Stabbed Himself in the Neck 40 Times in Prison like Pesci in Casino" Braunstein. This guy creeps me out.

He was sentenced to an additional 23 years for a doctor he had attacked previously in Ohio. He didn't give a fuck. He's all:

"That [parole] is predicated on the belief that I would live," he said. "There was an absurdist quality to this proceeding, because I'm never getting out of prison in New York."

That's what he said, not his lawyer. Looks like he's used the time locked up to really clear his head.



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Jam On said...

Just one more psycho passing through with no excuse for why he isn't in tune with nature.