Thursday, July 17, 2008


When I was a child, I used to marvel on the possibilities of nature when inspecting a piece of my father's petrified wood that he used as a paperweight for the bills that served as a visual measuring stick for our debt. That lead us to our place. It was so...well...old. I was also fascinated with dinosaurs and spent a large amount of time reading those books in aisles of the library without actually checking them out. (my last name made me a source of ridicule at the counter, imagine that, being ridiculed at the library checkout counter)

Now that I am older I still become amazed on these simple things, evolution, creationism, black holes, wtf? There are speeds of light? I still don't understand that shit. But being from Texas and a piece of the home of the Wild West I wander and think of a time when things were so much simpler. A time when men spoke what they thought and said what they did. (and according to this series did both better than we do)

And then theres the thought of reverse evolutionism. Are we getting dumber as the world gets older? Not a new topic by any means but one worth contemplating. Here is season one in all its glory of Deadwood. They solved problems at hand by dealing with them by hands, not emails. Fall in love with Ian McShane. I dare you. Implement in this character in your life. POST results. It took me a few times to get into it but i really think it's amazingly brilliant. Enough to watch again.

I played a game when I first watched all three seasons in two weeks, every time they drink whiskey, you do. It's fun to me, but maybe you don't think fun is getting ate by pigs...Wait, I mean feeding people to pigs. (much more funner) Stay away from the Tile bar during happy hour on Wednesday - Friday, it messes with your coordination. This post proves it.

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