Friday, January 23, 2009

Virginia Tech, Another Murderous Blow to Public Relations

Holy shit. Decapitations creep me out. As a matter of fact, so do chinese holy shit decapitators decapitating on virginia soil, my birthplace of which i know little about apart from i prefer non-menthol to menthol?

I know they got some nutjobs going to school there. There was a nother guy of asian descent that murdered abunch of people at school down there. Or was it kentucky? I'm too drunk to look it up. Wait, no, here's a link. No, that was something else. there.

yeah, i was right, i knew it. suckaaaaaas!

but anyway, there was this chinese guy who went to virginia tech and murdered some girl that just started there, also from china who listed him as an emergency contact 2 weeks after arriving. Oh, i said murdered. I meant


But the worst part is this. The guy in charge of the case is "Chief Wendell Flinchum."

What is this? the f'in simpsons?

So V(irginia) T(ech) I and VT II =

Asia = 33
American College Football teams = 0

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