Monday, January 12, 2009

Couple Wed In Taco Bell, Guests Splurge on 99 Cent Menu

Normal, Illinois just keeps getting weirder. Last week we told you about Robert Sylvester, the American badass who got into a shoot'em up with cops after a high speed chase revolving around the robbery of check cashing joint in Normal, Il. (My daddy always told me to beware of those with a last name that is a first name...)

Well yesterday two weirdos who bonded over their love of fast food after connecting through an internet dating site said their vows in their local Taco Bell. I say that Paul brooks found himself a keeper when he wed Caragh Brooks, not to mention shes got a nice rack, she is also practical. The wedding only cost two hundred bucks! Free hot sauce! You can tell these two are cost conscious. Caragh saidd she limited her searches on the dating site to only men who shared her last name because she didn't want to have to "go through the trouble of buying new checks and all that other bullshit." Good score Paul!

NY Post

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Skippomac said...

Fake video, mumbles? WTF?