Monday, January 26, 2009

Bitch Marries Dog

A nine year old Indian girl was married off to a stray dog in South India. Good grief. I can understand there are going to be some differences between Eastern and Western cultures but being forced to marry a dog because for a toothache (read, "evil spirits" to Indian people), Come On! What about consummating the transaction? Hell yeah! Dog's name is Bacchan! If that means the dog was named after Bacchus then you can bet dogs to donuts he's getting him a piece. (Bacchus was Dionysus to the Greeks, or the God of Getting Drunk and Having Orgies)

The wedding was a small quiet gathering. Not! Goes to show you that no matter how poor you are (these people are really poor) you never lose your sense of humor! I mean come on, it's not every day you get to watch a kid marry a dog! That's hilarious. The whole village turned up to witness. They then got shit house drunk on home made liquor and danced the night away. Click through for more photos of the attendees....

(EDITORS NOTE: Oh wait...that story was from 2003. After closer inspection I see that Indians make young girls marry dogs all the time! There's a different date for every entry! This is not news and therefore irrelevant. )

Here are the photos anyway...

Best Man


Drunken Reveler


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