Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Robert Sylvester: American Badass

Could whoop your ass.

Who is this badass? This badass is my grandfather. No, I wish. This badass is Robert Sylvester. This was taken during a seemingly anonymous trip to the grocery store. Or the OTB. Yeah. No, Mr. Sylvester had the fool proof plan of robbing a currency exchange, but when police became wise to him, he got in a badass high speed chase. When it was clear there was no way out, he stopped and came running, jumping, with guns a blazin' like a true badass should. I think I have used the word badass enough times for the day. Ok, one more. More badass pictures after the jump.

Contemplating the cancellation of 80's wonder, The Love Boat.

Getting angry over the cancellation of The Love Boat.
Hurrying to take a wizz...

Looking both ways before crossing the street.
At this point, officially becoming the "wind beneath my wings."

Officially getting his ass handed to him.


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