Wednesday, May 20, 2009 Test With Answers

In the spirit of always bringing you the new and exciting I am now going to report on something that is approximately a year old. (going forward I'll refer to this as

Now with sites in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy as well as the international "dot com," the site is attracting about 5,000 unique visitors every day. This doesn't mean 5,000 new members a day. There aren't that many people in the world that could pass the test. A ride on the New York City subway proves that thoroughly.

If you are still so retarded as to have a Myspace page, you will probably notice that everyone else on the site is a retard. By the way, this guy is in the running for BIGGEST RETARD.

Be Careful, SCREEN NAME NSFW. Just click, you'll see.

So does screenout ass hats like the one above. The 18 question test shows you 8 shapes and you have to select the one from 8 shapes below it, the one that best completes the group. It gives you a minute per question. It aims to determine those with an IQ of 115 and higher. The site says that this is the top 15% of the population. (Mensa membership is supposedly the top 2%)

So to do you morons a favor, I'm gonna post some of the questions and a few of the hotter ladies from the site so you can get your ass off Myspace and find you a nice nuclear physicist to make you feel small and helpless after insulting you on your message board.

Questions and Pics of the girls who will no doubt reject you, after the jump.

If I didn't have an old lady and I was gonna look for a new one, I'm not sure I would really want intelligence to be the main factor for choosing my mate. Maybe a site like would be more like it. But does weed out the ass hats by forcing you to pass an IQ test so I guess they got that going for them.

Here's what you are studying for. Graduate level floozies.

You can't take the test more than twice, so pay attention.

Just to be fair, if you wanna take the the test without the answers. You can find it here. I am sure you will get the end and see the screenshot above, but alas, some people like to learn the hard way. Also, you only get a MINUTE per question, DON'T CHEAT! If you're a lazy ass and just want the answers, then let's get down to business!

First we have to start with some rules. When I refer to a square I will say "square #." If I am referring to a row, I will say "row #." And lastly, "column letter." Like the image above. Allright, let's get this over with...

It's B retard. This is doing two things: 1. teaching how the puzzles work and 2. training you to look for patterns in rows ONLY. DON'T fall for it!

Same thing. A
A little different. Here the pattern goes circle, triangle, square. Triangle always comes after circle. Answer is H.
This is the first one that goes in columns. Answer is F.

Arrow rotates 90 degrees counter clockwise as each shape goes to the right. Answer is E.

I might be wrong on this one but the combination of shapes diagonally from square 3 to square 7. Then the row 2, and lastly the diagonal from square 1 to square 9. AKA clockwise. So the combination of the triangle and circle would give you B.
You need to look for the patterns here from what you get from each column: TOP to BOTTOM. It helps to also think that within each set of columns there are three more columns as dilineated by the division of each rectangle into 3 parts. Square 1 has the black rectangle in the first column. Square 4, the next in the sequence has it in the 2nd column. Square 7 has it in the last column. The colors to the right or left follow the same process. If they are in the last row then its next position will be in the first and so on. Oh yeah and if you figured it out and picked H like a jackass, then you are, in fact, a jackass. The stripes are horizontal in column C, not vertical. Answer is G.

This is the first of its kind in the test we have seen so far. The formula is from left to right. Dots in column A + Dots in column B will be the number of Dots in column C. Row 3: 1 + 1 = 2. Answer is E.
This is the same thing with a twist. Column A + column C = Column B - bisecting line. Answer is A.

Pattern goes from left to right in each row. Whatever color has the most circles in the first triangle of each row rotates clockwise to occupy those spacews as the shapes go from column to column. Answer is F.

This one is easiest explained like that game "SNAKE." The pattern goes in columns from row 1 to row 3. Square 1, note the position of the two colored squares. Square 4, notice how they all shifted counterclockwise 1 square? And square 7? The same. Answer is D.

This is same shit as before. Answer is C.

This pattern goes from top to bottom. Column A for example: Blacksquare left, black square right, grey square. Column B. Find blacksquare left. Start there. Then blacksquare right. Ran out of room? Go back to the top. Grey square. Answer is D. Also, same 3 shapes show up in every column, its the only one not in column A that was in the other 2.

Pattern goes from left to right. Smallest angle rotates to the right 90 degrees and star is always on the side of the hypotenuse. Answer is A.

Column B = Column A (rotated 90 degrees) + Column C (rotated 90 degrees). Answer is B.

This one took me forever to figure out. I just said screw it and guessed something. It was one of the 3 I missed when I actually took the test. However, after pounding about 6 whiskies I drunkenly took it out of my bag just for something to look at and it jumped out at me. Column B = Column A - Column C. Answer is B.

This one seems tricky but is pretty easy. The pattern goes diagonally. Each color square has its own independent rule. So we'll look at squares 3, 5 and 7. All colored squares move right one square each jump.

I couldn't figure this out. Had to ask an intern. She pointed out something we haven't seen before. Counting the WHITE squares. When we do, we see a pattern develop vertically. Column A = 5,6,5 ; Column B = 4,5,4 ; Column C = 4,5,4. That eliminates B and H. She also noticed that all the squares had their mirror opposite represented in the puzzle (1 & 7 , 3 & 8 , 5 & 6) except for square 2 and 4. That only leaves you E. What about the lone square that doesn't have a partner? Eat a dick, 9 is an odd number. That's the best anyone can come up with.

I should also let it be known that a coworker I gave this too, (who will be referred to as AssKlein because he never responded to my emails) solved the two I couldn't. I gave them to him one late Friday after work and he returned in about 4 minutes with two guesses. Question 18 was correct and with the reasoning I gave above. Question 16 was correct but with some crazy ass bullshit reasoning that didn't make sense to me. So in my book, he's the smartest guy where I work. He also looks like a bear. So I guess when he's not standing around wiping his ass with rabbits he's studying Mensa tests. Who woulda thought!

So congratulations AssKlein, you get the mumbles badge of approval! Which is absolutely worthless!

So now that you know the answers you can scoop up all the chicks! Not sure if they change the test, but you better hope they don't. You're welcome. I'm out.



joooo888 said...
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beautybyLaura said...

you're wrong with one -

12 is D. if you notice, there is an overlapping in the second row.

mumbles said...

beautybyLaura, I don't follow. If two shapes are the same size, it will appear as if nothing has been added. Column A is placed on Column B to get Column C, hence the overlapping. If you place Column B on Column C you won't get square 6.

Bruce said...

Sorry but the answer to question 6 is E, not B. There is already a circle as one of the objects in row 3 so clearly the square and triangle combination is the correct answer.

mumbles said...

Yeah Bruce, you're right. Something is wrong with the post editor and I can't make the correction. I'll try later when I have more patience.

Victor said...

I'll have to agree with beautybyLaura. The answer for 12 is D. If Column A was placed on column B Then Column A would have to be transparent (aside from the lines) but in answer C you can now see the circle beneath the star. My logic behind choose D was that the shaped are broken apart in column A and B and put back together from largest to smallest in C. So in row A the square is at the bottom and the star like thing is on top. Them row B the circle is largest followed by the triangle and then the diamond. And row C the Large circle is biggest then the star then the small circle. Not a good question IMO.