Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can't Download KFC Chicken Coupon, You Can Now

Want your KFC riot inducing coupon now? Well it's too late. Unless you come here. Get it for free at

You see, after it was posted on the internet and spoken as of writ on Oprah, website became clogged. It crashed conveniently. Yum Brands, KFC's owner, somehow traded up on this disastrous uproar, with riots in midtown Manhattan, the heart of the impervious NYC Manhattan Non-Wall Street empire, shops closed. Riots were induced. Sit-ins were invoked. Didn't find the news early enough? Here's the solution.

Download it here. Mumbletomyneighbor will provide it for you. You see, after the link was posted on various websites, Oprah mentioned it on her TV show, thereby causing it to crash. No one could download so Oprah posted the PDF to the "UNIVERSAL COUPON" which is located after the jump. No serial numbers change. Print and copy with abandon. Middle America, I salute you. The full coupon, after the jump.

Free Full Meal Coupon

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