Thursday, October 9, 2008

Live in the Future (sort of)

Still cashing checks.

We have mentioned prediction markets, and most people are aware of the popular gaming platform called the Massive Multiplayer Online games, represented by the "World of Warcraft" commercials we see on TV (starring such media luminaries as Mr. T). What if we could somehow mesh those two? Well, true believers; wonder no longer! It is here!

On Monday, a six-week online experience began where players are asked to pretend that they live in the year 2019. It is unclear if there is some sort of graphic component to the game, but I suspect it is more of a game of pretending than an actual video game. I recall that the defense department had tried to start up a futures market on disasters which was shut down as... unseemly, I guess. The conspiracy minded among us can't help but wonder if this is an attempt to try it again. On the low-low.

Check it out at their site, or read this summary on it. Give it a shot by reading this guide on How to Play.

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