Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain ain't that old

Can't see how this could end badly...

Ken Mink is 73, a year older than J-Mac, and plays college basketball. Seriously. Okay, well, mostly. The school in question is Roane State Community College and it sounds like the coach, who is also the school's athletic director, appears to have considered the novelty and marketing aspects of adding this artifact to his team:
So Mink, whose playing career at Lees (Ky.) Junior College came to an unceremonious end in 1956 when he was dismissed - wrongly, by his account - for allegedly soaping the coaches' office with shaving cream, wrote to several colleges in search of a place to play.

Roane State coach Randy Nesbit took Mink up on his offer.

"I'm not very good at saying no," said Nesbit, who just turned 50. "It's a gesture of good will to help a fine man find closure. Why not?''
Mink got kicked off a team for "soaping the coaches' office"? How old-school is that? He was convicted of committing third-degree shenanigans. I heard that was his second offense; he was already on probation because he was supposed to whitewash a fence but had tricked some other boys into doing it for him.

Cleared to play, Mink practices and everything, although he apparently is only expected to play a few minutes. Which is where the McCain analogy kind of falls apart, I guess, since McCain will be expected to play the full game.

Link to a summary of video and story links after the break.
This article, about Mink as internet phenom, has collected a bunch of the stories and videos.

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