Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lingerie Football League debuts With Slutty Awesomeness

Chicks in sportsbras and bikini bottoms. No field goals, no punts and no clothes. Sounds like magic. It is. The often blogged about league finally had it's debut this Labor Day weekend. And unlike other powder puff football leagues, this one is tackle. And bitches hit each other. I have yet to see the footage but I tend to think that based upon the recorded conversations from the wife in the Blagojevic Scandal, women in Chicago are used to being hit, and therefore, the know how to hit back.

As evidenced by the above photo, apparently tackling by pulling down one another's panties is encouraged and I doubt this will have a hard time gathering a a respective sports bar pay-per-view following. Some of these girls are really hot.

Great slogan. The debut resulted in the Chicago Bliss beating the Miami Caliente 29 - 19. More details, pics and videos after the jump. Oh yeah, and Mike Ditka has an ownership in the league. But, you knew he was awesome already.

In case you care about the rules, they are different than men's football. If not, skip to the pics...
Play style is full-contact and similar to other indoor football leagues. Uniforms consist of helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, sports bras, and shorts.

There are no field goals and no punts. There is a kickoff to start the game and second half.[1] A team must attempt to get a first down on every fourth down. After a touchdown, a team can attempt a one-point conversion from the two yard line, or a two-point conversion from the five-yard line.

There are seven women on each side of the 50-yard field, the same as the Continental Indoor Football League, but one less than the eight players usually found in arena football or other indoor leagues. Teams consist of 18 players, only 12 of whom are active on game day. This means that there are usually 3 or 4 players who play both offense and defense.

The standard offensive formation features 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 1 center, and 3 wide receivers. The standard defensive formation features 2 defensive linewomen, 2 linebackers, 2 cornerbacks, and 1 safety.

The field is 50-yard between end zones, 30 yards wide, and the end zones are 8 yards deep, roughly the same as other indoor leagues. [2]

A game consists of two 15-minute halves, separated by a 12-minute halftime. In the event of a tie, an 8-minute sudden-death overtime is played.

From the initial idea with wardrobe malfunctions and commentary by Jenny McCarthy, Cindy Margolis and some douche that annoys me like Ryan Seacrest, fast forward to 4:39 to find its target market...

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