Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kevin Smith Talks About Tim Burton/Nic Cage's Superman

Kevin Smith is a funny, funny dude. Here he tells a 20 minute story about how the Death of Superman movie was squashed after years of rewriting and director hirings and firings since being started in 1994. Kevin Smith was brought on after his success with Clerks and being asked to direct Chasing Amy. Well Jon Peters was to be the producer and he wanted Kevin Smith to write it but he gave him a few conditions.
Peters wanted him to write the script so as to never see Superman in his costume (it was gay), never see him fly and to have him fight a giant spider for the finale. Oh, and he wanted their to be a gay robot in it to serve as an addition for merchandising profits. Click through for his hilarious telling of the story and all the evidence you need of why Hollywood is the biggest bunch of dumbasses of any industry or evidence of what someone who does entirely too much blow might think.

Kevin went ahead with a few rewrites of the script and then Tim Burton came in. Needless to say, he wanted a different script by his own team of writers. Kevin was canned, Nicolas Cage signed on, the movie was then put on hold after both Burton and Cage quit and was finally put to rest some years later. Needless to say, this would've been one of the biggest pieces of shit in Hollywood history.

Jon Peters


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