Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PROJECT NATAL: Game Controllers Out, Voice and Motion Recognition In

Yesterday, Microsoft tore through the glass ceiling previous put in place by the Nintendo Wii with PROJECT NATAL at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Project Natal essentially does away with ALL controllers whatsoever. The camera/game software has both voice and movement recognition software with the possibilities limiting you to...well, nothing. So that shit in the Lawnmower Man, well, were almost there.

The demo that I have here is very primitive, and for some reason revolves around befriending a young boy named Milo. (That'll get your attention, you ole pederast, you!)

The Milo Demo starts by introducing yourself to him and he recognizes you by walking to where you are standing. He then takes you down to the pier, throws you a joint and then slowly massages your shoulders while singing "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay," not in the expected Otis Redding style, but in the style of Michael Bolton. It's pretty amazing. (both Bolton's version and the fact that Milo likes Bolton...)

Nah, I just made up most of that shit.

Don't listen to me, just watch the demo after the jump. If your interested in this type of stuff I posted the full demo from the conference where you can see how the actual movements of the player react on screen. The demo is done live and in front of a studio audience so no illusions there! Click through for videos.

And look at that Claire! Boy is she a looker! And what is that grey thing on top of the XBOX?

I'll put up the live demo in a bit, it loads a lil slow and is around 10 minutes long but much more detailed.

via Peter via Joystiq.

Live Demo via Vgchartz

Thanks Peter.

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