Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My friend told me he was trying to quit smoking the other day by using the patch. Here in America we go to all different lengths to stop this nasty and expensive habit. In my neighbor hood they started substituting a green aromatic tobacco in their cigars instead of the commercially packaged kind. It's healthier, they say!

Hell, even in the new Stimulus Bill $75 million is earmarked for smoking cessation programs. Russia, of course, handles it a different way. Vladimir Putin, the man who fights bears, has his own instructional judo dvd (where he beats up a 12 year old) and has been known to partake in lovemaking sessions that have lasted more than 36 hours, is no stranger to extremes. Click through for his solution to assist in stopping smoking, as well as photographic proof.

Well one way to stop smoking is too make it a gamble to even buy cigarettes. Would you think twice on purchasing a pack of smokes if 1 out of every 10 packs exploded upon opening? 1 out of every million cigarettes manufactured were laced with cyanide? I would.

Russia and Putin don't go this far, but in a country where the average monthly salary and is going through economic times even much worse than ours, every ruble counts! So instead of the methods above, some packs of cigarettes are filled with...fillers. Fake cigarettes. No tobacco at all, just a filter wrapped in paper. So deal with that you poors! Gamble with your bread money on your vices! Be warned, we may steal it from you! "Smoking is the enemy to Judo!"

Or maybe this is some scam from the Russian mob and I'm making it all up. Who cares. Photos below.

Photos courtesy of EnglishRussia

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