Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BadAssvertising : Budweiser Secret Super Bowl Commercial


I'm not a big fan of the Budweiser ads, lil' too low brow for my Ivy League education. Just kidding, we were too poor and I was too stupid to go to an Ivy league school! (But hey! At least my old alma mater, the San Antonio Padre de Jesus School for Blind and Deaf Mexicans was private! And I got a scholarship! Goooooooo affirmative action!!) I digress, however, this commercial made me laugh a few times. A rarity in my sad, sad life.

This is NSFW if you are the last jackass in America that doesn't have headphones. It should offend many stereotypes. And to all the pervs out there, just cause the word porn is mentioned about 50 times, there is NO nudity. Click through for the third installment of BadAssvertising.

A big shout out to my buddy who finally got off his ass and started polluting the internet under the title From Under The Boardwalk. Check him out as he turned me on to this commercial and I stole it. He has similar content but is concerned with things like grammar, spelling and fact checking.

From Under The Boardwalk

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Natalie said...

ahahahahahahaahah... the best part is "you should out the recipes in back. They're pretty good. Most people don't get that far." ahahahahaha