Friday, February 20, 2009

Craigslist Casual Encounters Escapade

Jennifer Orka, 21 of Denton and a fellow Texan, obviously does not understand the point of Valentines Day...Gettiiiiiin Laid!

Some guy in a display of altruism did her the favor of posting an ad on Craigslist in the casual encounters section of the site.This is where horndogs go to find someone whorish enough to get jizzed on and then told to get lost cause they're mother or spouse is going to be returning home soon. (should you want an idea of how the ads read, click here)

As you can imagine, there are many more men looking for women (m4w) than women looking for men (w4m) When I say alot, I mean like 10 to 1 ratio. And the one woman usually turns out to be a man. Or that one time a tranny. Don't ask me how I know, just take my word for it.

So you can imagine the enormous response Jennifer received with her telephone number was posted and the voicemail message attached did not sound like a 400 pound black guy telling you he was open to being "a top or a bottom" and well, feminine. Rang off the hook.

More details with photos and videos after the jump.

As you can see the only way this whore could get got would be to give it away. In the photo below she is gettin' all high and mighty, puttin' on reading glasses and shit!

Unfortunately the dude got caught. Somehow she tricked his dumbass into admittance AND apologizing. Note to internet stalkers: Don't admit stalking and apologizing, cause apparently, you could go to jail.

This reminds me of something I always wanted to do that would be pretty funny. But first I need:
1. A friend
2. Who has a house
3. With a garage
4. That has a bunch of stuff in it

Then when my friend goes out of town, he'd naturally invite me over to house sit, feed his badass dog (cause he knows I'm like the dog master, trust me, I'm REALLY good with dogs...) and drink all his beers in the fridge before he gets back so though don't spoil. Here's where the funny part comes, after getting settled in and getting a good buzz on, sit down at his computer and post a garage sale notice on Craigslist for tomorrow at about noon! Then sell all the shit in the garage! Real cheap! And when he gets home and asks where his john boat and four wheeler are, you can yell out, "April Fools!" (regardless of what month it is...) Then say, "Don't worry buddy, I was gonna split the money with you!"

Oh wait, I didn't think of that.

Stephanie McDowell did with her mastermind boyfriend Sean Hannon. They even got a permit.
News story with video, here.

Orka news story with video here.

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