Thursday, July 9, 2009

Peel a Banana Like a Pro

It's not everyday you realize you've been doing something the wrong way your whole life. Well, some of us more than others (see here for proof). But I saw this video and know that i can't be the only jackass that doesn't peel a banana like a monkey does. WTF, you say? Monkeys don't peel bananas the way humans do? No, they do it a better way. But don't worry, we invented the machine gun to protect ourselves where they just sit around and throw shit at each other. Literally. So we got that going for us. Video after the jump.


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I have realized since posting this that many people do not eat bananas. However, many do use for deepthroating practice and they too start with the bottom and not the stem. They also enjoy using the stem for a handle.