Thursday, July 2, 2009

Badasses : Chinese 2 Year Old Smokes Cigarette

The chinese have given us all sorts of reasons to scratch our heads throughout the years. We know that their obsession with control has led to the proposed mandatory Internet-filtration software that was to be installed on every new PC, which has now been delayed.

This would concern me if I had readers in China, but alas, I don't. The news that has come from the country as of late has been on the negative tip, but fear no more loyal readers. The country that gave us Jackie Chan and sold invented and sold us fireworks for our fucking independence day is back!

They can now claim to have the youngest smoker on the planet! He's two and smokes like a pro! Presumedly, after making internet video debut, he will pound a few whiskeys and go off to bang out your moms. (Source : Unconfirmed) If all the little boys in China were this badass, I guess I could understand why they drown all the baby girls. Video after the jump.

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