Monday, November 10, 2008

They used to kill pirates, didn't they?

The preferred form of execution for pirates these days is to pay 
them lots of money and hope they spend it on fatty foods.

I was sure that when the Russians showed up (see my earlier post), they were going to waste no time wasting some pirates. Well, the Russian missile frigate "Neustrashimy" (which apparently translates as "Fearless", which is understandable since apathy isn't scary) finally arrived off Somalia two weeks ago and done nothing but commenced "patrolling". Which is what every other western nation's ships have been doing since the tank ship was taken back when Sandler was funny. The Americans at least went so far as to communicate with the pirates to request and take pictures of the captive crew of the MV Faina. The owner of the ship is apparently in talks with the pirates to reach an acceptable ransom amount. Un. Fucking. Real. If these d-bags get paid, I am seriously putting together a crew and heading over there. Maybe scrape together a half-million and buy one of these decommissioned Soviet Cold War submarines for sale. Go James Bond villain on their asses.

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